About this blog

My name is Joon Kim. Welcome to my blog!

My long-form version of who I am is that I spent my childhood in Palo Alto, I came of age in Seoul, and I went to school in Amherst. I graduated in 2018, returned to the SF Bay Area for the first time in eight years, and have lived here ever since. I am home in both Seoul & San Francisco.

You can find me via Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

I am many things, and want to do many things. I believe that a well-documented life is a good life, and so this blog is a collection of my writing and photography.

I've used an Olympus camera for almost ten years, but I recently switched to Fujifilm and hope to devote more time to photography & cinematography. I love driving but I'm trying to get used to life without a car. I understand why people chase work-life balance, but I enjoy taking my work seriously and I hope to take pride in it.

I believe this is an accurate representation of who I am, but my friends vehemently disagree.
Life goals